I went Keto in early April and have lost 20kg in the past 6 months.

Restricting a diet that consists of primarily chicken wings and thighs, and the occasional zucchini and cauliflower does things to the body.

I was walking to class on Monday and I got spooked by my reflection in the mirror, I thought someone was following me but upon further inspection, it was me, just slimmer in proportion.

Other things that have spooked me is lying down in bed shirtless and feeling my rib cage, and reminding myself that I am human, and that I have bones and organs that run my system, and that feeling of disphoria at what my body has become since I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight.

Most of my clothes don’t fit me anymore, so I’ve had to buy new clothes. Underwear being too big means that I have had to reconfigure my wardrobe considerably. I’ve opted in to buying high quality clothing so that it will last the test of time.

I went from a 4XL coat that only just fit me to a XL jacket with plenty of room, a size 43 or so pants to size 38, a 3XL t shirt to XL.

Things have changed, and people have definitely noticed.

I have been big for all of my adult life, in fact I was quite slim before I started on some life altering antipsychotics which changed the way I consume and think about food.

I’m currently 109.2kg, and it’s a big change.

I’m taking a two week break from it all because I’ve noticed recently that I’ve been cheating more than being strict on it, I will take this time to enjoy foods that I normally won’t have and remind myself of what I can be when I reach my goal weight of 85kg.

Being 6”2 means that 85 is just in the average weight range for weight, but I’ve also got 42.8kg of skeletal muscle mass that I have to work with.

Today I begin my first day of the two week time period to allow myself carb laden foods. I’ve ordered pizza and will enjoy it tonight.

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