Reggie is a Venturer Scout Leader, and like most scouts, Reggie spends a lot of time volunteering for community projects.

Reggie has been active in scouting since 2011, where they were a Venturer scout for 2nd/7th West Waverley. Reggie moved on from Venturers and into Rovers and cruised through many Rover crews until they found Carlton Rover Crew, where they remained until they got booted in 2020.

Reggie has had two adult leadership roles:
– Assistant Cub Scout leader for Carlton Scout Group (2014-2019)
– Assistant Venturer Scout leader for 4th City of Brunswick Scout Group (2020- Present)

Reggie enjoys inspiring the generations of tomorrow to achieve what they could never imagine possible. Excellence comes with hard work and determination and Reggie aspires to develop those bonds with young people to show how much they can achieve if they put their minds to it and use their resourcefulness to their advantage.

Reggie has also been involved with many community projects for Scout Victoria, namely Camberwell Showtime and Melbourne Gang Show, these are amateur theatrical productions that Reggie has partaken in both on stage and as a crew member.

A short video for Midsumma Pride March 2020 that Reggie made