In these two videos, I will demonstrate my video production skills through my various paid and work opportunities I have undertaken. These two videos were produced within the last two years.

Video for RMIT x RUSU Volunteers Party

This was a collaboration project when I worked with RMIT Student Life to produce a video for the RMIT RUSU Student Union and RMIT Volunteers. All of the footage was shot my own DSLR and the vector graphics was a collaboration with my peers at Student Life. I filmed the live action sequences and edited them alongside Closed Captioning for accessibility.

Video for National Union of Students (NUS)

I filmed and produced this video for the National Union of Students as a contractor for their campaign. In my role, I used my own gear including my DSLR, and microphones to record these scenes at The Univeristy of Melbourne, and then I edited the video footage in Premiere Pro, working through all of the scenes, and then using Closed Captioning to make the video accessible. This video was used in the NUS marketing campaign.

Discuss the ideas, influences and processes that informed the work

The ideas around this video was to produce a marketing campaign that aimed to deliver a video in support of the National Union of Students. The Secretary for the NUS wanted a marketing campaign that targetted political undertaking of the student bodies to start listening to the welfare of students.

The influences of this video were a strong united front to show that the NUS demands action from the Government. There are people wielding flags in solidarity, and the camera angles were shown to project power.

Many of the processes that informed the work were the state government ignoring student bodies and the concerns of students in Australia. This video was aimed to push that agenda forward in local, state, and the national government.